EU Economics Interest Section

Established in October 2001 by action of the EUSA Executive Committee

Section Co-Chairs

Working mission statement:

This Section will provide a forum for economists interested in EU economic issues and debates. Its activities will include organizing proposals for panel presentations and colloquia at EUSA conferences, and educating and informing the economics profession about the EUSA generally and the Section's activities in particular. The research focus of the EU Economics Interest Section will cover both micro- and macroeconomics, placing emphasis both on theoretical rigor and practical applications of theory and statistical analysis. An important aim of the Section is to attract more economists into the wider membership of the European Union Studies Association, and to increase our visibility in the organization, including on the biennial conference program. We also aim to provide opportunities for networking and for membership recruitment, particularly at economics conferences and among central bankers, business schools and faculties of commerce, where the subject of the European Union is often of interest.

To become a member of EUSA and join the EU Economics Interest Section, check out the membership page.