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Last reviewed and updated: August 3, 2006

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  • The Social Science Information Gateway is an excellent portal to primary Web sites on EU Economics. Their list links to EU economics Internet resources include articles, companies, data, educational materials, governmental bodies, news, research projects, and more.
  • Another superb Web portal is the EDIRC, an index of, with hyperlinks to, over six thousand economics departments, institutes, and research centers in more than two hundred countries. Included are academic economics sources as well as those in governments, think tanks, and non-profit organizations.
  • The Centre for Economic Policy Research, based in London, sponsors research fellows, organizes workshops and conferences, and publishes the bi-monthly European Economic Perspectives, among other activities devoted to the study of financial economics, international macroeconomics, industrial organization, international trade, and other program areas.
  • The Institute for International Economics is perhaps the major international think tank that covers Europe, the EU, and the Euro. Devoted to the study of international economic policy, the Institute's agenda emphasizes global macroeconomic topics, international money and finance, trade and related social issues, investment, and the international implications of the new technologies.
  • Biz/ed, a business and economics service for students, teachers, and lecturers, has a very thorough Internet catalogue with a section of primary sources on EU Economics, as well as related sections on export trade, import trade, international trade, and trade agreements.
  • The mission of the International Atlantic Economic Society is to facilitate communication among economists across the Atlantic and to promote the field of economics globally, and to foster the intellectual development of professional economists and others interested in economics by sponsoring and publishing articles for international dissemination.
  • The European Trade Study Group is a forum for academic discussion and research on international trade among European universities and research institutes. The Group uses the Internet to disseminate information electronically, and aims particularly to promote the research activities of young economists working in the field of international trade and other economists working on these topics in geographically isolated institutions.
  • The European Central Bank's Web site (in the eleven official EU languages) is the definitive site on the European System of Central Banks, the monetary policy and framework of the Eurosystem, texts of the relevent legal documents, and much more. This site also leads to the official site on the Euro and everything related to the "euro area."
  • Section members might be interested in the Bank for International Settlements, an international organisation which fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks. They also promote discussion and facilitate decision-making processes among central banks and within the international financial community, and host a centre for economic and monetary research. BIS publishes an on-line working paper series as well.
  • The European Union's Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs is based in Brussels and Luxembourg, and describes "ensuring a smooth functioning of the Economic and Monetary Union" as their most important work. They conduct economics surveys and monitor public finances.
  • On the United States side, the U.S. Department of Commerce offers a very thorough site from its Bureau of Economic Analysis, with detailed statistics, surveys, and articles organized into national, international, regional, and industry categories.
  • The European Union's Delegation in Washington has compiled an excellent catalog of Internet resources called The Euro: Key Websites. Divided into EU and Non-EU Web sites, the links include principal Web sites, management and consulting firms and investment banks, Euro-related newspapers and magazines, and other resources.
  • The Journal of Common Market Studies balances political science and economics, including sub-disciplines such as monetary economics, fiscal policy, political economy, public policy studies, public administration and international relations. In addition to mainstream theoretical and empirical articles, JCMS publishes shorter pieces in its European Agenda section which focus on specific policy areas or which report the results of specialised research projects.

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