EU Political Economy Interest Section

Established in June 2000 by action of the EUSA Executive Committee

Section Co-Chairs:

  • Cornel Ban 

Mission statement (adopted June 2, 2001)

Economics plays a central role in what the European Union is doing and in how we understand it. Therefore, the Political Economy interest section will bring together EUSA members who take an interest in the impact of European integration on the performance and functioning of Europe's economies, and, the influence of ideas, preferences, and motivations on the structure, content, and progress of European integration. Clearly this is substantial terrain. Nevertheless, the overlap between subject matter and methodological preference is considerable. Therefore, the primary function of this interest section is to help crystallize political economy discussions as they relate to the European Union. The motivation for doing this is both to facilitate interaction among political economists and to make it easier for EUSA members focusing on other areas of interest to identify, access, and draw upon the insights that such analysis has to offer.