EU Public Opinion and Participation Interest Section

Established in March 2002 by action of the EUSA Executive Committee

Section Chair

Gaspare Genna

Section By-Laws

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Section Essay

Gaspare Genna "The Vote Heard 'Round the World

Section's next formal meeting

The next Interest Section meeting will be at EUSA's 16th Biennial International Conference in 2019 in Denver.

Working mission statement:

With interest in a supposed "democratic deficit" in European Union governance continuing unabated after ten years, the role of Europe's citizens in the governing process of the European Union appears to be an enduring topic that will continue to attract scholarship and political concern for the indefinite future. EUSA's EU Public Opinion and Participation Interest Section provides a clearing house for scholars interested in the role played by public opinion and political participation and in the effects of EU membership and policies on public opinion and participation. This Section also aims to propose panels for EUSA conferences and maintain Web pages here whose primary purposes are to provide access to works in progress by section members, provide information of upcoming conferences and events of interest to section members, and provide access to syllabi and other teaching materials. In future this Section might also develop a Web-based discussion forum for airing topics and concerns of the members.

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