Internet Privacy Policy

The Executive Committee of the European Union Studies Association (EUSA) has determined that EUSA will not, under any circumstances or for any reason, release the e-mail addresses of EUSA members to any outside person, party, organization, institution, or other entity, without the permission of the EUSA member to do so. EUSA does not rent, lend, sell or otherwise distribute the e-mail addresses of its members. One's e-mail address is considered similar to one's telephone number and is thus accorded a similar measure of protection. EUSA members may be assured that their Internet privacy is respected and that their e-mail addresses are used by the Association only for official EUSA business such as membership reminders or EU-related queries or announcements on the EUSA List Serve. The EUSA List Serve is a closed, moderated list for current EUSA members only, and commercial solicitations are not posted to the List.

Policy adopted December 1999.

Note: Please take a few minutes to read about a closely related matter, the use of EUSA's (e-mail) List Serve. This page explains in detail the purpose, guidelines for use of, and other information about EUSA's List Serve for electronic messages.