Using EUSA's (e-mail) List Serve

The EUSA (e-mail) List Serve

What is the List Serve? Simply put, it's a database of e-mail addresses accessed by a named e-mail list. In EUSA's case, our list is managed and maintained by the EUSA office and includes nearly 1,000 subscribers (as of April 2003), current EUSA members who choose to participate in the List. We use the Majordomo program (which automates the management of Internet mailing lists), and this technology is generously provided to us by the University of Pittsburgh. Among its many advantages is the capacity to send messages to a single named list (one, anonymous line in the message header), rather than the inclusion and/or display of the hundreds of individual e-mail addresses. This not only protects the privacy of the List subscribers, but greatly reduces the size of the posted messages.

Use of the EUSA List Serve is a valuable component of outreach efforts, and an e-mail list has important advantages -- reaching a large number of people quickly, with a possible multiplier effect if messages are forwarded to other lists. But there are shortcomings as well. If your aim is to reach the EUSA membership, bear in mind that not all EUSA members participate in the e-mail List Serve, and that among those who do, not all of them actually read List Serve messages (if, e.g., traveling, or in-boxes are full and the message bounces back undelivered, or someone else screens their e-mail for them). Due to growing "e-mail fatigue," e-mail users are more particular about the lists to which they will subscribe. To maximize its effectiveness, we choose to use the medium judiciously.

We encourage you to complement your e-mail outreach with traditional paper notices sent by regular mail (particularly for inclusion in the EUSA Review) in order to reach all EUSA members and to give them as much advance notice as possible of your events, activities, or programs. Send your outreach materials to EUSA, 415 Bellefield Hall, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 USA.

The EUSA does not circulate, rent, lend, or otherwise share the e-mail addresses of its members.

Best uses by EUSA members of the EUSA List Serve are to post:

  • EU-related information queries, such as "I'm researching... Can anyone suggest sources... ?"
  • EU-related job, scholarship, fellowship announcements (with 60+ days advance notice)
  • EU-related calls for proposals (with 60+ days advance notice)
  • announcements of EU-related events of worldwide interest (with 60+ days advance notice)

Did you know that our List subscribers ...

  • number approximately 75% of the total EUSA membership
  • are in some 40 countries (and all time zones) around the world
  • use a wide range of e-mail programs (thus your message looks different to different recipients of it)
  • use e-mail servers that deliver messages at different rates of speed (therefore, List messages do not arrive in all recipients' in-boxes simultaneously)

Ours is a moderated List Serve

(messages get routed to the EUSA Office for approval before posting), because we want to:

  • minimize the possibility of computer virus transmission
  • prevent spamming (repeats of the same message to the List)
  • prevent marketing messages from being posted to the List
  • protect the List from the inadvertent posting of personal e-mail messages
  • keep the usage of the List to an average of 3-5 messages per week so that members do not unsubscribe from the list in an effort to reduce their volume of e-mail

We don't post to the EUSA List Serve:

  • e-mail attachments
  • image files
  • marketing or promotional messages (including those that promote books or journals)
  • announcements of events that are not available to all EUSA members
  • announcements without sufficient lead-time for EUSA members worldwide to attend, apply, etc.
  • messages that aren't signed with a person's name and affiliation
  • messages that don't include the sender's e-mail address
  • messages from persons who are not current EUSA members

How to make your postings to the EUSA List Serve more effective:

  • be brief (one screen-length is the average that most viewers will read)
  • provide necessary contact details including any relevant URL(s)
  • avoid overformatting (fonts, colors, etc.)
  • don't include e-mail attachments
  • don't wait too close to your event or deadline to post your message; readers need enough advance notice to plan to attend, apply for the post or scholarship, etc.

How to post a message to the EUSA List Serve:

Simply e-mail your message to the EUSA office, and, if approved, it will be posted as soon as possible. Messages are posted to the List in the order that they are received. We do not acknowledge the receipt or the posting of your message. We reserve the right to edit for clarity and/or length, and we reserve the right not to post messages to the List.